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What is AWS GameKit?

Build AWS-powered cloud features from your game engine.

AWS GameKit is an open-source SDK for developers who want to build high quality, cloud-based features into their products. Cloud features bring some significant benefits to a game, including greater security, scalability, cost reductions, and player experience improvements such as greater flexibility in where and how people play.

Our goal with AWS GameKit is to give you the power of cloud features while removing the major challenges. We designed AWS GameKit for developers who don't have deep knowledge of AWS or cloud architecture design, but still want well-architected features that they can customize for their projects. With AWS GameKit, you get complete cloud architecture templates and the tools to build your infrastructure. Choose the features you want for your project, set up a cloud backend in two or three steps, and add feature functionality to your client apps. Work at your own pace to extend and customize the cloud backend for your customers.

AWS GameKit provides solutions for the following game-related features.

  • Identity and authentication – Protect players with secure registration and robust identity management for your game. Verify player logins to manage access to player sessions, and use authentication for AWS GameKit cloud features.

  • Achievements – Create goals that players can achieve to earn recognition, win rewards, or initiate game events. Manage players' achievements in the cloud and track their progress toward long-term goals.

  • Game state cloud saving – Synchronize game saves in the cloud so that players can resume their play from different locations and devices, or recover game progress as needed.

  • User gameplay data – Maintain gameplay data for each player, such as inventory, statistics, and cross-play persistence, and make it available to players wherever and whenever they log in to the game.

AWS GameKit benefits

Developers and architects tasked with building cloud-based backend infrastructure for their game projects can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Build and maintain a cloud backend from your game engine. Use AWS GameKit for Unity engine with its streamlined workflows to create and manage an AWS cloud backend for your game project. Use tools to incorporate feature functionality. Set up backend infrastructure in multiple environments and maintain each independently.

  • Start with expertly designed cloud architectures. The AWS solution for each AWS GameKit cloud feature is designed by cloud architecture experts and based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework for secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient solutions. The solutions incorporate game development best practices and customer feedback.

  • Learn as you go. AWS GameKit provides customizable solution templates and APIs for your backend. This means you get started fast with a production-ready backend, and then . From this point, you have wide flexibility to modify the templates, experiment with alternative AWS features and services, and build a custom cloud infrastructure for your projects.

  • Integrate feature design with rapid prototyping. With a cloud backend in place, use pre-configured UI components, example code, and example games to integrate the features using iterative design and development.

  • Customize the AWS GameKit SDK and tools. AWS GameKit SDK components are available on a "source- available basis, so you can modify or build tools to fit your development process. Customize the existing AWS GameKit for Unity engine package or create versions for other game engines. Modify or extend the core C++ API functionality.

Get started with AWS GameKit

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