Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Create an Alias

You can create a new alias to resolve to a fleet.

To create a new alias

  1. Open the Amazon GameLift console at

  2. Choose Aliases from the menu bar.

  3. On the Aliases page, click Create alias.

  4. On the Create alias page, in the Alias details section, do the following:

    • Alias name – Type a friendly name so you can easily identify the alias in the catalog.

    • Description – (Optional) Type a short description for your alias to add further identification.

  5. In the Routing options section, for Type, choose Simple or Terminal:

    • If you choose Simple, select an available fleet to associate with your alias. A simple alias routes player traffic to the associated fleet.

    • If you select Terminal, type a message that will be displayed to players. A terminal alias does not resolve to a fleet but only passes your message to the client.

  6. Click Configure alias.