Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

What is Amazon GameLift?

Amazon GameLift is a fully managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling your session-based multiplayer game servers in the cloud. Amazon GameLift replaces the work required to host your own game servers, including buying and setting up hardware, and managing ongoing activity, security, storage, and performance tracking. The Amazon GameLift auto-scaling capabilities provide additional protection from having to pay for more resources than you need, while helping to ensure that your players can find and join games with minimal waiting.

Why Amazon GameLift?

Here are some of the benefits of using Amazon GameLift:

  • Provide low-latency player experience to support fast-action game play.

  • Release session-based, multiplayer games fast, with little or no back-end experience required.

  • Enhance your matchmaking services with intelligent queuing, game session placement, and backfill.

  • Reduce engineering and operational effort to deploy and operate game servers.

  • Get started fast and pay as you go, with no upfront costs and no long-term commitments.

  • Reduce costs by up to 90% with spot instances.

  • Rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for web-scale cloud computing resources and auto-scaling to manage your hosting capacity.

Key Features

Amazon GameLift includes these features:

  • Use FlexMatch and Queues to build a custom matchmaking service for your game.

  • Use game session queues to place new game sessions more effectively across Amazon GameLift resources.

  • Deploy game servers to run on either Amazon Linux or Windows Server operating systems.

  • Provide high-quality game hosting to players around the world by deploying to computing resources in multiple regions.

  • Let FleetIQ optimize the use of spot instances to reduce hosting costs by using spot instances with low prices and low interruption frequencies.

    Use auto-scaling tools to adjust your game hosting capacity to meet actual player usage and balance player experience against cost savings.

  • Configure game session characteristics, such as maximum number of players allowed, join rules, and game-specific properties.

  • Help players find sessions to join quickly with game session search features.

  • Analyze game performance using the Amazon GameLift console to track metrics, view game session logs, and review data on individual game sessions and player sessions.

  • Set up customized health tracking for server processes to detect problems fast and resolve poor-performing processes.

For more product information about Amazon GameLift, including specifications and pricing, see the Amazon GameLift product pages.