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Auto-scale fleet capacity with GameLift

Use auto-scaling to dynamically scale your fleet capacity in response to game server activity. As players arrive and start game sessions, auto-scaling can add more instances; as player demand wanes, auto-scaling can terminate unneeded instances. Auto-scaling is an effective way to minimize your hosting resources and costs, while still providing a smooth and fast player experience. Learn more about how auto-scaling works in GameLift.

Auto-scaling is done by creating scaling policies that provide instructions to GameLift for scaling up or down. There are two types of scaling policies, target-based and rule-based. The target-based approach—target tracking—offers a complete solution; it is recommended as the simplest and most effective option. Rule-based scaling policies, which require you to define each aspect of the auto-scaling decision-making process, is useful for addressing specific issues. It works best as a supplement to target-based auto-scaling.

Target-based auto-scaling can be managed using either the GameLift Console or the AWS CLI or AWS SDK. Rule-based auto-scaling is managed using the AWS CLI or AWS SDK only, although you can view rule-based scaling policies in the Console.