Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Uploading Your Game to Amazon GameLift

Before setting up computing resources to host your Amazon GameLift-enabled multiplayer game, you first need to create a game build and upload it to the Amazon GameLift service. A game build includes all the server executables and dependent files needed to run server processes and host game sessions. Once you've uploaded a build to Amazon GameLift, you can then create a fleet of computing resources to operate your game.

The topics in this section describe how to package your game build and how to use the AWS CLI tool to upload it to Amazon GameLift.


You don't need to have a game ready to start experimenting with Amazon GameLift. The Amazon GameLift console offers a quick sample setup that gets you up and running with a sample game server and client in five easy steps. In addition, the Amazon GameLift Getting Started tutorials, in text and video format, walk you through each step in the process: You create and upload a build, set up a fleet, create game sessions, and connect a client. The tutorials use a sample multiplayer game, which is included in the Lumberyard download.