View your scripts - Amazon GameLift

View your scripts

On the Scripts page of the Amazon GameLift console, you can view information about and manage all the Realtime Servers scripts that you've uploaded to Amazon GameLift. In the navigation pane, choose Hosting, Scripts.

The Scripts page shows the following information for each script:


The Scripts page shows scripts in your current AWS Region only.

  • Name – The name associated with the uploaded script.

  • ID – The unique ID assigned to the script on upload.

  • Version – The version label associated with the uploaded script.

  • Size – The size, in megabytes (MB), of the script file uploaded to Amazon GameLift.

  • Creation time – The date and time that you uploaded the script to Amazon GameLift.

  • Fleets – The number of fleets deployed with the script.

From this page you can do any of the following:

  • View script details. Choose a build's name to open its script details page.

  • Create a new fleet from a script. Select a script, and then choose Create fleet.

  • Filter and sort the script list. Use the controls at the top of the table.

  • Delete a script. Select a script, and then choose Delete.

Script details

On the Scripts page, choose a script's name to open its details page. The Overview section of the details page displays the same script summary information as the Builds page. The Fleets section shows a list of fleets created with the script, including the same summary information as the Fleets page.