Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

View Your Queues

You can view information on all existing game session placement queues. Queues shown include only those created in the selected region. From the Queues page, you can create a new queue, delete existing queues, or open a details page for a selected queue. A Queue detail page contains the queue's configuration and metrics data. You can also edit or delete the queue.

To view the Queues page

  1. Choose Queues from the Amazon GameLift console's menu.

    The Queues page displays the following summary information for each queue:

    • Queue name – The name assigned to the queue. Requests for new game sessions specify a queue by this name.

    • Queue timeout – Maximum length of time, in seconds, that a game session placement request remains in the queue before timing out.

    • Destinations in queue – Number of fleets listed in the queue configuration. New game sessions can be placed on any fleet in the queue.

  2. To view details for a queue, including metrics, choose the queue name. For more information on the queue details page, see View Queue Details.