AWS Builder ID - AWS General Reference

AWS Builder ID

AWS Builder ID is a new personal profile for everyone who builds on AWS. Whether you are a software developer writing code, a student working on assignments, a data analyst modeling information, or a marketer constructing campaigns, AWS Builder ID is for you.

Your AWS Builder ID provides access to tools and builder services on AWS including Amazon CodeCatalyst and Amazon CodeWhisperer. You can keep your AWS Builder ID as you move between jobs, schools, or other organizations. Over time, you will be able to provide additional information such as specific interests or skill level to help tailor your AWS experience.

Your AWS Builder ID complements any AWS accounts you may already own or want to create. While an AWS account acts as a container for AWS resources you create and provides a security boundary for those resources, your AWS Builder ID represents you as an individual. You can sign up for your AWS Builder ID as part of the sign up process for the tools and services that use it.

AWS Builder IDs are free. You only pay for the AWS resources you consume in your AWS accounts. For more information about pricing, see AWS Pricing. To learn more about how your AWS Builder ID complements AWS accounts, see AWS Builder ID and other AWS credentials.

AWS tools and services that use AWS Builder ID

You can sign in with your AWS Builder ID to access the following AWS tools and services. Access to capabilities or benefits that are offered for a charge require an AWS account.

  • Amazon CodeCatalyst ‐ You will create an AWS Builder ID when you start using Amazon CodeCatalyst and choose an alias that will be associated with activities such as issues, code commits, and pull requests. Invite others to your Amazon CodeCatalyst space, which is complete with the tools, infrastructure, and environments your team needs to build your next successful project. You'll need an AWS account to deploy a new project to the cloud.

  • Amazon CodeWhisperer ‐ You can use your AWS Builder ID to get started with Amazon CodeWhisperer without the need for an AWS account or credit card. Amazon CodeWhisperer improves your productivity by generating code recommendations based on the existing code and comments in your integrated development environment.

  • AWS re:Post ‐ AWS re:Post provides you with expert technical guidance so you can innovate faster and improve operational efficiency using AWS services. You can sign in with your AWS Builder ID and join the community on re:Post without an AWS account or credit card.