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AWS services that support IPv6

Computers and smart devices use IP addresses to communicate with each other over the internet and other networks. As the internet continues to grow, so does the need for IP addresses. The most common format for IP addresses is IPv4. The new format for IP addresses is IPv6, which provides a larger address space than IPv4.

AWS services support for IPv6 includes support for dual stack configuration (IPv4 and IPv6) or IPv6 only configurations. For example, a virtual private cloud (VPC) is a logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud where you can launch AWS resources. Within a VPC, you can create subnets that are IPv4 only, dual stack, or IPv6 only.

AWS services support access through public endpoints. Some AWS services also support access using private endpoints powered by AWS PrivateLink. AWS services can support IPv6 through their private endpoints even if they do not support IPv6 through their public endpoints. Endpoints that support IPv6 can respond to DNS queries with AAAA records.

Services that support IPv6

The following table lists the AWS services that provide dual stack support, IPv6 only support, and endpoints that support IPv6. We will update this table as we release additional support for IPv6. For the specifics about how a service supports IPv6, refer to the documentation for the service.

Service name Dual stack support IPv6 only support Public endpoints support IPv6 Private endpoints support IPv6 1
AWS App Mesh Yes Yes Yes No
Amazon AppStream 2.0 Yes No No No
Amazon Athena Yes No Yes Yes
Amazon Aurora Yes No Yes No
AWS Cloud9 Yes No Yes
Amazon CloudFront Yes No No
Amazon CloudWatch Logs Yes No Yes No
AWS Cloud Map Yes Yes Yes Yes
AWS Cloud WAN Yes No Yes No
Amazon Cognito Yes No Yes
AWS Database Migration Service Yes No No No
AWS Direct Connect Yes Yes No
Amazon EC2 Yes Yes Yes No
Amazon ECS Yes No No No
Amazon EKS Nodes: Yes / Pods: No Pods: Yes / Nodes: No No No
Elastic Load Balancing Load balancers: Yes Target groups: No Load balancers: No Target groups: Yes No No
Amazon ElastiCache Yes Yes No No
AWS Fargate Yes No No No
AWS Global Accelerator Yes No No
AWS Glue No No No Yes
AWS IoT Yes No Yes No
AWS Lake Formation No No No Yes
AWS Lambda Yes No Yes No
Amazon Lightsail Yes Yes No
AWS Network Firewall Yes Yes No
Amazon OpenSearch Service Yes No Yes No
AWS PrivateLink Yes Yes Yes
Amazon RDS Yes No Yes No
Amazon Route 53 Yes Yes No
Amazon S3 Yes No Yes No
AWS Secrets Manager Yes No Yes No
AWS Shield Yes Yes No
AWS Site-to-Site VPN Yes No Yes No
AWS Transit Gateway Yes No Yes No
Amazon VPC Yes Yes Yes No
AWS WAF Yes Yes No
Amazon WorkSpaces Yes No No No

1 An empty cell indicates that the service does not integrate with AWS PrivateLink.

Additional IPv6 support

  • Amazon EC2 supports launching instances based on the Nitro System into IPv6-only subnets.

  • Amazon EC2 provides IPv6 endpoints for Instance Metadata Service (IMDS) and Amazon Time Sync Service.

Networking and Content Delivery
  • Amazon VPC supports creating IPv6-only subnets.

  • Amazon VPC helps IPv6 AWS resources communicate with IPv4 resources by supporting DNS64 on your subnets and NAT64 on your NAT gateways.

Security, Identity, and Compliance
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) supports IPv6 addresses in IAM policies.

  • Amazon Macie supports IPv6 addresses in personally identifiable information (PII).

Management and Governance
  • AWS CloudTrail records include source IPv6 information.

  • AWS CLI v2 supports download over IPv6 connections for IPv6-only clients.

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