Getting Started with AWS
Deploying a Web Application

Step 2: Create an SNS Topic

Our signup app notifies you each time a user signs up. When the data from the signup form is written to the DynamoDB table, the app sends you an SNS notification. First, you need to create an SNS topic, which is a stream for notifications, and then you need to create a subscription that tells SNS where and how to send the notifications.

To set up Amazon SNS notifications

  1. Open the Amazon SNS console at

  2. Choose Create topic.

  3. For Topic name, type gsg-signup-notifications. Choose Create topic.

  4. Choose Create subscription.

  5. For Protocol, choose Email

  6. For Endpoint, enter your email address.

  7. Choose Create Subscription.

  8. To confirm the subscription, Amazon SNS sends you an email named AWS Notification — Subscription Confirmation. Open the link in the email to confirm your subscription.

Add the unique identifier for the SNS topic to the configuration file for the app as follows.

To update the application configuration

  1. On the topic details page, copy the string from Topic ARN. Note that each Amazon Resource Name (ARN) has the following syntax:

  2. Open the app_config.json file in a text editor, if it's not already open.

  3. Insert the ARN of your SNS topic.

    "NEW_SIGNUP_TOPIC": "arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:123456789012:gsg-signup-notifications",
  4. Your final configuration file should look similar to the following. Save your edits to the file and close the file.

    { "AWS_REGION": "us-west-2", "STARTUP_SIGNUP_TABLE": "gsg-signup-table", "NEW_SIGNUP_TOPIC": "arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:123456789012:gsg-signup-notifications" }