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AWS Global Accelerator Related information

The information and resources listed here can help you learn more about Global Accelerator.

The following related resources can help you as you work with this service.

  • AWS Global Accelerator API Reference – Gives complete descriptions of the API actions, parameters, and data types, and a list of errors that the service returns.

  • AWS Global Accelerator product information – The primary web page for information about Global Accelerator, including features and pricing information.

  • Terms of Use – Detailed information about our copyright and trademark; your account, license, and site access; and other topics.

Support for Global Accelerator is available in several forms.

  • Discussion forums – A community-based forum for developers to discuss technical questions related to Global Accelerator.

  • AWS Support Center – This site brings together information about your recent support cases and results from AWS Trusted Advisor and health checks, as well as providing links to discussion forums, technical FAQs, the service health dashboard, and information about AWS support plans.

  • AWS Premium Support Information – The primary web page for information about AWS Premium Support, a one-on-one, fast-response support channel to help you build and run applications on AWS Infrastructure Services.

  • Contact Us – Links for inquiring about your billing or account. For technical questions, use the discussion forums or support links above.

Tips from the Amazon Web Services Blog

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