Creating the Configuration File - AWS Glue

Creating the Configuration File

The blueprint configuration file is a required file that defines the script entry point for generating the workflow, and the parameters that the blueprint accepts. The file must be named blueprint.cfg.

Here is a sample configuration file.

{ "layoutGenerator": "DemoBlueprintProject.Layout.generate_layout", "parameterSpec" : { "WorkflowName" : { "type": "String", "collection": false }, "WorkerType" : { "type": "String", "collection": false, "allowedValues": ["G1.X", "G2.X"], "defaultValue": "G1.X" }, "Dpu" : { "type" : "Integer", "allowedValues" : [2, 4, 6], "defaultValue" : 2 }, "DynamoDBTableName": { "type": "String", "collection" : false }, "ScriptLocation" : { "type": "String", "collection": false } } }

The layoutGenerator property specifies the fully qualified name of the function in the script that generates the layout.

The parameterSpec property specifies the parameters that this blueprint accepts. For more information, see Specifying Blueprint Parameters.


Your configuration file must include the workflow name as a blueprint parameter, or you must generate a unique workflow name in your layout script.