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The AWS Glue Scala DynamicRecord Class


class DynamicRecord extends Serializable with Writable with Cloneable

A DynamicRecord is a self describing data structure that represents a row of data in the data set being processed. It is self-describing in the sense that we can get the schema of the row represented by the DynamicRecord by inspecting the record itself. A DynamicRecord is similar to a [[Row]] in Spark.

def addField

def addField( path : String, dynamicNode : DynamicNode ) : Unit

Adds a [[DynamicNode]] to the specified path.

  • path  —  Path for the field to be added

  • dynamicNode  —  [[DynamicNode]] to be added at the specified path.

def dropField

def dropField(path: String, underRename: Boolean = false): Option[DynamicNode]

Drops a [[DynamicNode]] from the specified path and returns the dropped node if there is not an array in the specified path.

  • path  —  Path to the field to drop.

  • underRename  —  True if dropField is called as part of a rename transform, or false otherwise (false by default).

Returns a [[scala.Option Option]]([[DynamicNode]]).

def setError

def setError( error : Error )

Sets this record as an error record, as specified by the error parameter.

Returns a DynamicRecord.

def isError

def isError

Checks whether this record is an error record.

def getError

def getError

Gets the [[Error]] if the record is an error record. Returns [[scala.Some Some]](Error) if this record is an error record, or otherwise [[scala.None]].

def clearError

def clearError

Set the [[Error]] to [[scala.None None]].

def write

override def write( out : DataOutput ) : Unit

def readFields

override def readFields( in : DataInput ) : Unit

def clone

override def clone : DynamicRecord

Clonez this record to a new DynamicRecord and returns it.

def schema

def schema

Gets the [[Schema]] by inspecting the record.

def getRoot

def getRoot : ObjectNode

Getz the root ObjectNode for the record.

def toJson

def toJson : String

Gets the json string for the record.

def getFieldNode

def getFieldNode( path : String ) : Option[DynamicNode]

Gets the field's value at the specified path as an Option of DyanmicNode.

Returns [[scala.Some Some]]([[DynamicNode]]) if the field exists, or otherwise [[scala.None None]].

def getField

def getField( path : String ) : Option[Any]

Gets the field's value at the specified path as an Option of DyanmicNode.

Returns [[scala.Some Some]](value).

def hashCode

override def hashCode : Int

def equals

override def equals( other : Any )

The DynamicRecord Object

object DynamicRecord

def apply

def apply( row : Row, schema : SparkStructType )

Apply method to convert a Spark SQL [[Row]] to a [[DynamicRecord]].

  • row  —  A Spark SQL [[Row]].

  • schema  —  The [[Schema]] of that row.

Returns a DynamicRecord.

The RecordTraverser Trait

trait RecordTraverser { def nullValue(): Unit def byteValue(value: Byte): Unit def binaryValue(value: Array[Byte]): Unit def booleanValue(value: Boolean): Unit def shortValue(value: Short) : Unit def intValue(value: Int) : Unit def longValue(value: Long) : Unit def floatValue(value: Float): Unit def doubleValue(value: Double): Unit def decimalValue(value: BigDecimal): Unit def stringValue(value: String): Unit def dateValue(value: Date): Unit def timestampValue(value: Timestamp): Unit def objectStart(length: Int): Unit def objectKey(key: String): Unit def objectEnd(): Unit def mapStart(length: Int): Unit def mapKey(key: String): Unit def mapEnd(): Unit def arrayStart(length: Int): Unit def arrayEnd(): Unit }