AWS GovCloud (US) User Guide
AWS GovCloud (US) User Guide

AWS Lambda

With AWS Lambda, you can run code without provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time that you consume—there’s no charge when your code isn’t running. You can run code for virtually any type of application or backend service—all with zero administration. Just upload your code and Lambda takes care of everything required to run and scale your code with high availability. You can set up your code to automatically trigger from other AWS services or call it directly from any web or mobile app.

This service has no differences between AWS GovCloud (US) Regions and the standard AWS Regions.

For more information about AWS Lambda, see the AWS Lambda documentation.

ITAR Boundary

AWS GovCloud (US) has an ITAR boundary, which defines where customers are allowed to store ITAR-controlled data for this service in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To maintain ITAR compliance, you must place ITAR-controlled data on the applicable part of the ITAR boundary. If you do not have any ITAR-controlled data in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, this section does not apply to you. The following information identifies the ITAR boundary for this service:

ITAR-Regulated Data Permitted ITAR-Regulated Data Not Permitted
  • Customer's code

  • Environment variable

  • Role

  • VPC

  • KMS key

Do not enter ITAR-regulated data in the following console fields:

  • Function name

  • Description

  • DLQ data (can be exported through Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS)

  • Memory

  • Timeout

  • Runtime

  • Role name for service principals

  • Aliases

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