Panels - Amazon Managed Grafana


This documentation topic is designed for Grafana workspaces that support Grafana version 8.x.

For Grafana workspaces that support Grafana version 9.x, see Working in Grafana version 9.

The panel is the basic visualization building block in a Grafana server. A panel is a visual representation of one or more queries except a few special-use panels. The queries display data over time. This can range from temperature fluctuations to current server status to a list of logs or alerts.

Each panel has a query editor specific to the data source selected in the panel. The query editor allows you to extract a visualization to display on the panel.

To display data, you must have at least one data source added to your workspace. For more information about data sources, see Data sources.

There are a wide variety of styling and formatting options for each panel. Panels can be dragged, rearranged, and resized.