Interact with local IoT devices - AWS IoT Greengrass

Interact with local IoT devices

Client devices are local IoT devices that connect to and communicate with a Greengrass core device over MQTT. You can connect client devices to core devices to do the following:

  • Interact with MQTT messages in Greengrass components.

  • Relay messages and data between client devices and AWS IoT Core.

  • Interact with client device shadows in Greengrass components.

  • Sync client devices shadows with AWS IoT Core.

To connect to a core device, client devices can use cloud discovery. Client devices connect to the AWS IoT Greengrass cloud service to retrieve information about core devices to which they can connect. Then, they can connect to a core device to process their messages and sync their data with the AWS IoT Core cloud service.

You can follow a tutorial that walks through how to configure a core device to connect and communicate with an AWS IoT thing. This tutorial also explores how to develop a custom Greengrass component that interacts with client devices. For more information, see Tutorial: Interact with local IoT devices over MQTT.