Suspending or disabling GuardDuty - Amazon GuardDuty

Suspending or disabling GuardDuty

You can use the GuardDuty console to suspend or disable GuardDuty. You are not charged for using GuardDuty when the service is suspended.

  • All optional data sources must be disabled from all detectors in all regions before you can disable or suspend GuardDuty.

  • All member accounts must be disassociated or deleted before you can disable or suspend GuardDuty.

  • If you suspend GuardDuty, it no longer monitors the security of your AWS environment or generates new findings. Your existing findings remain intact and are not affected by the GuardDuty suspension. You can choose to re-enable GuardDuty later.

  • If you disable GuardDuty, your existing findings and the GuardDuty configuration are lost and can't be recovered. If you want to save your existing findings, you must export them before you disable GuardDuty.

To suspend or disable GuardDuty

  1. Open the GuardDuty console at

  2. In the navigation pane, Choose Settings.

  3. Within the Suspend GuardDuty section, choose Suspend GuardDuty or Disable GuardDuty, then confirm your action in the next panel.