Configure AWS User Notifications for AWS Health - AWS Health

Configure AWS User Notifications for AWS Health

AWS Health provides information about service operations, such as operational issues, planned maintenance, and planned software lifecycle events. For comprehensive visibility into AWS Health event details, such as affected resource IDs, current status (open or closed), and resource status, it's a best practice to use AWS Health endpoints, such as the AWS Health API, the source in Amazon EventBridge, and the AWS Health Dashboard. These endpoints provide the most detailed and real-time information about ongoing events and changes that might affect your workloads.

AWS User Notifications notifies you through additional UX channels (email, chat, or push notifications to the AWS Console Mobile Application). AWS Health event notifications don’t contain as much detailed data as the endpoints listed above; however, they provide a simple and effective way to notify stakeholders of issues and changes. Based on rules that you create, User Notifications creates and sends a notification when an event matches the values that you specify in a rule. You can select which UX delivery channels a notification is sent to, and setup aggregation to reduce the number of notifications generated for specific events. Notifications are also visible in the Console Notifications Center. For example, you can receive chat notifications if you have resources in your AWS account that are scheduled for updates, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.

To learn more about setting up AWS User Notifications, see Getting started with AWS User Notifications.