What is AWS User Notifications? - AWS User Notifications

What is AWS User Notifications?

AWS User Notifications is an AWS service that acts as a central location for your AWS notifications in the AWS Management Console. This includes notifications such as Amazon CloudWatch alarms, AWS Support case updates, and communications from other services. You can use User Notifications to set up delivery channels notify you about events of interest. You receive a notification when an event matches a rule that you specify. You can receive notifications for events through multiple channels, including email, AWS Chatbot chat notifications, or AWS Console Mobile App push notifications.

You can use the User Notifications Notification Center to filter and view AWS notifications to your specifications. You can filter your notifications by service and view them across accounts, AWS Regions, and services. The Notification Center displays a detailed notification view with direct links to relevant console resource pages. To receive notifications, you must choose at least one notification hub and then create notification configurations.

How User Notifications works

User Notifications uses Amazon EventBridge to send notifications about events from AWS services to the AWS Management Console Notifications Center and your chosen delivery channels.

Accessing User Notifications

You can access User Notifications through the AWS Management Console.