Create a component using the Image Builder console - EC2 Image Builder

Create a component using the Image Builder console

To create an AWSTOE application component from the Image Builder console, follow these steps:

  1. Open the EC2 Image Builder console at

  2. Select Components from the navigation pane. Then select Create component.

  3. On the Create component page, under Component details, enter the following:

    1. Image Operating system (OS). Specify the operating system that the component is compatible with.

    2. Component category. From the dropdown, select the type of build or test component that you are creating.

    3. Component name. Enter a name for the component.

    4. Component version. Enter the version number of the component.

    5. Description. Provide an optional description to help you identify the component.

    6. Change description. Provide an optional description to help you understand the changes made to this version of the component.

  4. In the Definition document section, the default option is Define document content. The component document defines the actions that Image Builder performs on the build and test instances to create your image.

    In the Content box, enter your YAML component document content. To start with a Hello World example for Linux, choose the Use example option. To learn more about how to create a YAML component document, or to copy and paste the UpdateOS example from that page, see Create a YAML component document.

  5. After you enter the component details, select Create component.


    To see your new component when you create or update a recipe, apply the Owned by me filter to the build or test component list. The filter is located at the top of the component list, next to the search box.

  6. To delete a component, from the Components page, select the check box next to the component that you want to delete. From the Actions dropdown, select Delete component.

To create a new component version, follow these steps:

  1. Depending on where you start:

    • From the Components list page – Select the check box next to the component name, then select Create new version from the Actions menu.

    • From the component detail page – Choose the Create new version button in the upper right corner of the heading.

  2. The component information is already populated with the current values when the Create Component page displays. Follow the create a component steps to update the component. This ensures that you enter a unique semantic version in the Component version. To learn more about semantic versioning for Image Builder resources, see Semantic versioning.