Create multiple vehicles (AWS CLI) - AWS IoT FleetWise

Create multiple vehicles (AWS CLI)

You can use the BatchCreateVehicle API operation to create multiple vehicles at one time. The following example uses the AWS CLI.

To create multiple vehicles, run the following command.

Replace file-name with the name of the JSON file that contains the configurations of multiple vehicles.

aws iotfleetwise batch-create-vehicle --cli-input-json file://file-name.json
Example vehicle configurations
{ "vehicles": [ { "associationBehavior": "associationBehavior", "vehicleName": "vehicle-name", "modelManifestArn": "model-manifest-ARN", "decoderManifestArn": "decoder-manifest-ARN", "attributes": { "key": "value" } }, { "associationBehavior": "associationBehavior", "vehicleName": "vehicle-name", "modelManifestArn": "model-manifest-ARN", "decoderManifestArn": "decoder-manifest-ARN", "attributes": { "key": "value" } } ] }

You can create up to 10 vehicles for each batch operation. For more information about the vehicle configuration, see Create a vehicle (AWS CLI).