What is AWS IoT FleetWise? - AWS IoT FleetWise

What is AWS IoT FleetWise?

AWS IoT FleetWise is a managed service that you can use to collect vehicle data and organize it in the cloud. You can use the collected data to improve vehicle quality, performance, and autonomy. With AWS IoT FleetWise, you can collect and organize data from vehicles that use different protocols and data formats. AWS IoT FleetWise helps to transform low-level messages into human-readable values and standardize the data format in the cloud for data analyses. You can also define data collection campaigns to control what vehicle data to collect and when to transfer that data to the cloud.

When the vehicle data is in the cloud, you can use it for applications that analyze vehicle fleet health. This data can help you to identify potential maintenance issues, make in-vehicle infotainment systems smarter, and improve advanced technologies like autonomous driving and driver-assistance systems with analytics and machine learning (ML).

The following diagram shows the basic architecture of AWS IoT FleetWise.

Architecture of AWS IoT FleetWise


The key benefits of AWS IoT FleetWise are:

Collect vehicle data more intelligently

Improve data relevance with intelligent data collection that sends only the data you need to the cloud for analysis.

Easily analyze standardized, fleet-wide data

Analyze standardized data from a fleet of vehicles without needing to develop a custom data collection or logging system.

Automatic data synchronization in the cloud

Gain a unified view of data collected from both standard sensors (telemetry data) and vision systems (data from cameras, radars, and lidars), and keep it automatically synchronized in the cloud. AWS IoT FleetWise keeps both structured and unstructured vision system data, metadata, and standard sensor data automatically synchronized in the cloud. This streamlines the process to assemble a full picture view of events and gain insights.


Vision system data is in preview release and is subject to change.

Use cases

The scenarios in which you can use AWS IoT FleetWise include the following:

Train AI/ML models

Continuously improve machine learning models used for autonomous and advanced driver assistance systems by collecting data from production vehicles.

Enhance the digital customer experience

Use data from infotainment systems to make in-vehicle audiovisual content and in-app insights more relevant.

Maintain vehicle fleet health

Use insights from fleet data to monitor EV battery health and charge levels, manage maintenance schedules, analyze fuel consumption, and more.

Are you new to AWS IoT FleetWise?

If you're new to AWS IoT FleetWise, we recommend that you begin by reading the following sections:

Accessing AWS IoT FleetWise

You can use the AWS IoT FleetWise console or API to access AWS IoT FleetWise.

Pricing for AWS IoT FleetWise

Vehicles send data to the cloud through MQTT messages. You pay at the end of each month for the vehicles that you created in AWS IoT FleetWise. You also pay for messages that you collect from vehicles. For current information about pricing, see the AWS IoT FleetWise Pricing page. To learn more about the MQTT messaging protocol, see MQTT in the AWS IoT Core Developer Guide.

AWS IoT FleetWise integrates with the following AWS services to improve the availability and scalability of your cloud solutions.

  • AWS IoT Core – Register and control AWS IoT devices that upload vehicle data to AWS IoT FleetWise. For more information, see What is AWS IoT in the AWS IoT Developer Guide.

  • Amazon Timestream – Use a time series database to store and analyze your vehicle data. For more information, see What is Amazon Timestream in the Amazon Timestream Developer Guide.

  • Amazon S3 – Use an object storage service to store and manage your vehicle data. For more information, see What is Amazon S3 in the Amazon Simple Storage Service User Guide.