Adding visualizations - AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor

Adding visualizations

In AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor, a dashboard is a group of visualizations. As a project owner, you decide which asset properties appear in each dashboard, and how they are best represented. Each asset property can be displayed as a line chart, bar chart, or KPI indicator. For more information about the available visualization types, see Choosing visualization types.

There are three steps to add a visualization to a dashboard:

  1. Edit a dashboard – Open the dashboard for editing.

  2. Dragging a property to a dashboard – Drag a property to the dashboard.

  3. Customizing visualizations – Customize the visualization by choosing the best visualization and setting its properties.

Edit a dashboard

After you create a dashboard and add your visualizations, you can update your dashboard to change how it appears.

To edit a project's dashboard

  1. In the navigation bar, choose the Projects icon.

    The "Projects" icon in the navigation bar.
  2. On the Projects page, choose the project whose dashboards you want to edit.

              The "Projects" page.
  3. In the Dashboards section, choose a dashboard to edit.

              The dashboards list on the project details page with a dashboard
  4. In the dashboard, choose Edit in the upper right.

    You can now rename the dashboard, or add, remove, or modify visualizations.

  5. After you finish editing the dashboard, choose Save dashboard to save your changes. The dashboard editor closes. If you try to close a dashboard that has unsaved changes, you're prompted to save them.

Dragging a property to a dashboard

You add visualizations to the dashboard by dragging asset properties onto the dashboard. You can drag them onto an empty space to create a new visualization or onto an existing visualization to add that property to those already in the visualization. You can add up to five asset properties to each visualization. Only portal administrators and project owners can edit dashboards. For more information about how to open a dashboard to change it, see Edit a dashboard.

  1. Browse the list of project assets on the right side of the dashboard. When you find a property to visualize, drag it to the dashboard.


    You can drag multiple properties onto a single visualization.

          The dashboard editor.
  2. To change how your property displays, choose the visualization type.

          A sample visualization with the visualization type icon highlighted.

    For more information about the available visualization types, see Choosing visualization types. To customize details of the visualization, see Customizing visualizations.

  3. To add thresholds to your property, choose the visualization configuration icon. For more information, see Configuring thresholds.

          A sample visualization with the visualization configuration icon
  4. To move or resize your visualization, see Adjusting dashboard layout.