Configuring data sources - AWS IoT SiteWise

Configuring data sources

After you set up an AWS IoT SiteWise Edge gateway, you can configure data sources so that your SiteWise Edge gateway can ingest data from local industrial equipment to AWS IoT SiteWise. Each source represents a local server, such as an OPC-UA server, that your SiteWise Edge gateway connects and retrieves industrial data streams. For more information about setting up a SiteWise Edge gateway, see Configuring a AWS IoT Greengrass V1 SiteWise Edge gateway.


AWS IoT SiteWise restarts your SiteWise Edge gateway each time you add or edit a source. Your SiteWise Edge gateway won't ingest data while it's restarting. The time to restart your SiteWise Edge gateway depends on the number of tags on your SiteWise Edge gateway's sources. Restart time can range from a few seconds (for a SiteWise Edge gateway with few tags) to several minutes (for a SiteWise Edge gateway with many tags).

After you create sources, you can associate your data streams with asset properties. For more information about how to create and use assets, see Modeling industrial assets and Mapping industrial data streams to asset properties.

You can view CloudWatch metrics to verify that a data source is connected to AWS IoT SiteWise. For more information, see AWS IoT Greengrass Version 2 gateway metrics.

Currently, AWS IoT SiteWise supports the following data source protocols:

  • OPC-UA – A machine-to-machine (M2M) communication protocol for industrial automation.


SiteWise Edge gateways running on AWS IoT Greengrass V2 currently don't support Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP sources.