Amazon Managed Grafana - AWS IoT TwinMaker

Amazon Managed Grafana

Amazon Managed Grafana provides an AWS IoT TwinMaker plugin so you can quickly integrate AWS IoT TwinMaker with Grafana. Because Amazon Managed Grafana manages Grafana servers for you, you can visualize your data without having to build, package, or deploy any hardware or any other Grafana infrastructure. For more information about Amazon Managed Grafana, see What is Amazon Managed Grafana?.

Amazon Managed Grafana prerequisites

To use AWS IoT TwinMaker in an Amazon Managed Grafana dashboard, first complete the following prerequisite:


When you first create an Amazon Managed Grafana workspace in the AWS Management Console, AWS IoT TwinMaker isn't listed. However, the plugin is already installed on all workspaces. You can find the AWS IoT TwinMaker plugin on the open source Grafana plugins list. You can find the AWS IoT TwinMaker datasource by choosing Add a datasource on the datasources page.

When you create an Amazon Managed Grafana workspace, an IAM role is created automatically to manage the permissions for the Grafana instance. This is called the Workspace IAM Role. It's the authentication provider option you'll use to configure all AWS IoT TwinMaker datasources. Amazon Managed Grafana doesn't support automatically adding permissions for AWS IoT TwinMaker, so you must set up these permissions manually. For more information about setting up manual permissions, see Creating a dashboard IAM role.