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AWS IoT TwinMaker knowledge graph

The AWS IoT TwinMaker knowledge graph organizes all the information contained within your AWS IoT TwinMaker workspaces and presents it in a visual graph format. You can run queries against your entities, components, and component types to generate visual graphs that show you the relationships between your AWS IoT TwinMaker resources.

The following topics show you how to use and integrate the knowledge graph.

AWS IoT TwinMaker knowledge graph core concepts

This topic covers the key concepts and vocabulary of the knowledge graph feature.

How knowledge graph works:

Knowledge graph creates relationships between entities and their components with the existing CreateEntity or UpdateEntity APIs. A relationship is just a property of a special data type RELATIONSHIP that is defined on a component of an entity. AWS IoT TwinMaker knowledge graph calls the ExecuteQuery API to make a query based on any data in the entities or the relationships between them. Knowledge graph uses the flexible PartiQL query language (used by many AWS services) that has newly added graph match syntax support to help you write your queries. After the calls are made, you can view the results as a table or visualize them as a graph of connected nodes and edges.

Knowledge graph key terms:
  • Entity graph: A collection of nodes and edges within a workspace.

  • Node: Every entity in your workspace becomes a node in the entity graph.

  • Edge: Every relationship property defined on a component of an entity becomes an edge in the entity graph. In addition, a hierarchical parent-child relationship defined using the parentEntityId field of an entity also becomes an edge in the entity graph with an "isChildOf" relationship name. All edges are directional edges.

  • Relationship: An AWS IoT TwinMaker Relationship is a special type of property of an Entity‚Äôs component. You can use the AWS IoT TwinMaker CreateEntity or UpdateEntity API to define and edit a relationship. In AWS IoT TwinMaker, a relationship must be defined in a component of an entity. A relationship cannot be defined as an isolated resource. A relationship must be directional from one entity to another.