Developer Guide

Bulk Provisioning

You can use the start-thing-registration-task command to provision things in bulk. This command takes a provisioning template, an Amazon S3 bucket name, a key name, and a role ARN that allows access to the file in the Amazon S3 bucket. The file in the Amazon S3 bucket contains the values used to replace the parameters in the template. The file must be a newline-delimited JSON file. Each line contains all of the parameter values for provisioning a single device. For example:

{"ThingName": "foo", "SerialNumber": "123", "CSR": "csr1"} {"ThingName": "bar", "SerialNumber": "456", "CSR": "csr2"}

The following bulk provisioning-related APIs might be useful:


Only one bulk provisioning operation task can run at a time (per account).