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Create and Activate a Device Certificate

Communication between your device and AWS IoT is protected through the use of X.509 certificates. AWS IoT can generate a certificate for you or you can use your own X.509 certificate. In this tutorial, AWS IoT generates the X.509 certificate for you. Certificates must be activated prior to use.

  1. Choose Create certificate.

                            Add a certificate for your thing
  2. On the Certificate created! page, choose Download for the certificate, private key, and the root CA for AWS IoT. (You do not need to download the public key.) Save each of them to your computer, and then choose Activate to continue.


    The root CA for the Download link takes you to the X.509 Certificates and AWS IoT page where you choose a CA certificate. Unlike the other Download links on the page, it doesn't directly download a file.

                            Certificate created!

    Be aware that the downloaded file names might be different from those listed on the Certificate created page. For example:

    • 2a540e2346-certificate.pem.crt

    • 2a540e2346-private.pem.key

    • 2a540e2346-public.pem.key


    Although it is unlikely, root CA certificates are subject to expiration and revocation. If this should occur, you must copy a new root CA certificate onto your device.

  3. Choose Done to return to the main page of the AWS IoT console.

When working with a device, you must copy the private key and root CA certificate onto your device. The instructions in this guide are written with the assumption that you are not using a device and are simply getting familiar with the AWS IoT console.