Developer Guide

AWS IoT Events

AWS IoT publishes event messages when certain events occur. For example, events are generated by the Registry when things are added, updated, or deleted. Each event causes a single event message to be sent. Event messages are published over MQTT with a JSON payload. The content of the payload depends on the type of event.

You control which event types are published by calling the UpdateEventConfigurations API.

You can get the current event configuration by calling the DescribeEventConfigurations API.

In order to receive event messages your device must use an appropriate policy that allows it to connect to the AWS IoT device gateway and subscribe to MQTT event topics. You must also subscribe to the appropriate topic filters.

The following is an example of the policy required for receiving lifecycle events:

{ "Version":"2012-10-17", "Statement":[{ "Effect":"Allow", "Action":[ "iot:Subscribe", "iot:Receive" ], "Resource":[ "arn:aws:iot:region:account:/$aws/events/*" ] }] }


Event messages are guaranteed to be published once. It is possible for them to be published more than once. The ordering of event messages is not guaranteed.