Step 2: Create the AWS IoT thing, certificate, and private key - AWS IoT Core

Step 2: Create the AWS IoT thing, certificate, and private key

Create a thing in the AWS IoT registry to represent your Raspberry Pi.

  1. In the AWS IoT console, in the navigation pane, choose Manage, and then choose Things.

  2. If a You don't have any things yet dialog box is displayed, choose Register a thing. Otherwise, choose Create.

  3. On the Creating AWS IoT things page, choose Create a single thing.

  4. On the Add your device to the device registry page, enter a name for your IoT thing (for example, RaspberryPi), and then choose Next. You can't change the name of a thing after you create it. To change a thing's name, you must create a new thing, give it the new name, and then delete the old thing.

  5. On the Add a certificate for your thing page, choose Create certificate.

  6. Choose the Download links to download the certificate, private key, and root CA certificate.


    This is the only time you can download your certificate and private key.

  7. To activate the certificate, choose Activate. The certificate must be active for a device to connect to AWS IoT.

  8. Choose Attach a policy.

  9. For Add a policy for your thing, choose MoistureSensorPolicy, and then choose Register Thing.