Job configurations - AWS IoT Core

Job configurations

You can have the following additional configurations for each job that you deploy to the specified targets.

  • Rollout: Defines how many devices receive the job document every minute.

  • Scheduling: Schedules a job for a future date and time in addition to using recurring maintenance windows.

  • Abort: Cancels a job in cases such as when some devices don't receive the job notification, or your devices report failure for their job executions.

  • Timeout: If there isn't a response from your job targets within a certain duration after their job executions have started, the job can fail.

  • Retry: Retries the job execution if your device reports failure when attempting to complete a job execution, or if your job execution times out.

By using these configurations, you can monitor the status of your job execution and avoid a bad update from being sent to an entire fleet.