Developer Guide

Viewing Logs

To view your logs

  1. Browse to In the navigation pane, choose Logs.

  2. In the Filter text box, type AWSIotLogsV2 , and press Enter.

  3. Double-click the AWSIotLogsV2 log group.

  4. Choose Search Log Group. A complete list of the AWS IoT logs generated for your account is displayed.

  5. Choose the expand icon to look at an individual stream.

You can also type a query in the Filter events text box. Here are some interesting queries to try:

  • { $.logLevel = "INFO" }

    Find all logs that have a log level of INFO.

  • { $.status = "Success" }

    Find all logs that have a status of Success.

  • { $.status = "Success" && $.eventType = "GetThingShadow" }

    Find all logs that have a status of Success and an event type of GetThingShadow.

For more information about creating filter expressions, see CloudWatch Logs Queries.