Installing Guard (Windows) - AWS CloudFormation Guard

Installing Guard (Windows)

On a Windows host, you can install AWS CloudFormation Guard by using Cargo, the Rust package manager.


Complete these prerequisites before you install Guard on your Windows host:

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools

To build Guard from the command line interface, you must install the Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019.

  1. Download Microsoft Visual C++ build tools from the Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019 website.

  2. Run the installer, and select the defaults.

To install Rust package manager

Download and install Rust, which contains the package manager Cargo.

  1. Download Rust and then run rustup-init.exe.

  2. From the command prompt, choose 1, which is the default option.

    The command returns the following output.

    Rust is installed now. Great!
        To get started you may need to restart your current shell.
        This would reload its PATH environment variable to include
        Cargo's bin directory (%USERPROFILE%\.cargo\bin).
        Press the Enter key to continue.
  3. To finish the installation, press the Enter key.

To install Guard from Cargo

Open a terminal, and then run the following command.

cargo install cfn-guard

Results: You have successfully installed Guard.

(Optional) To confirm the installation of Guard, run the following command.

cfn-guard --version

The command returns the following output.

cfn-guard 2.0