AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールAnalyzeDocumentで を使用する - AWS SDK コード例

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AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールAnalyzeDocumentで を使用する

以下のコード例は、AnalyzeDocument の使用方法を示しています。



次の analyze-document の例は、ドキュメント内のテキストを分析する方法を示しています。


aws textract analyze-document \ --document '{"S3Object":{"Bucket":"bucket","Name":"document"}}' \ --feature-types '["TABLES","FORMS"]'

Windows :

aws textract analyze-document \ --document "{\"S3Object\":{\"Bucket\":\"bucket\",\"Name\":\"document\"}}" \ --feature-types "[\"TABLES\",\"FORMS\"]" \ --region region-name


{ "Blocks": [ { "Geometry": { "BoundingBox": { "Width": 1.0, "Top": 0.0, "Left": 0.0, "Height": 1.0 }, "Polygon": [ { "Y": 0.0, "X": 0.0 }, { "Y": 0.0, "X": 1.0 }, { "Y": 1.0, "X": 1.0 }, { "Y": 1.0, "X": 0.0 } ] }, "Relationships": [ { "Type": "CHILD", "Ids": [ "87586964-d50d-43e2-ace5-8a890657b9a0", "a1e72126-21d9-44f4-a8d6-5c385f9002ba", "e889d012-8a6b-4d2e-b7cd-7a8b327d876a" ] } ], "BlockType": "PAGE", "Id": "c2227f12-b25d-4e1f-baea-1ee180d926b2" } ], "DocumentMetadata": { "Pages": 1 } }

詳細については、「Amazon Textract デベロッパーガイド」の「Amazon Textract を使用したドキュメントテキストの分析」を参照してください。

  • API の詳細については、「 コマンドリファレンスAnalyzeDocument」の「」を参照してください。 AWS CLI

SDK for Java 2.x

には他にもがあります GitHub。AWS コード例リポジトリ で全く同じ例を見つけて、設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.List; /** * Before running this Java V2 code example, set up your development * environment, including your credentials. * * For more information, see the following documentation topic: * * */ public class AnalyzeDocument { public static void main(String[] args) { final String usage = """ Usage: <sourceDoc>\s Where: sourceDoc - The path where the document is located (must be an image, for example, C:/AWS/book.png).\s """; if (args.length != 1) { System.out.println(usage); System.exit(1); } String sourceDoc = args[0]; Region region = Region.US_EAST_2; TextractClient textractClient = TextractClient.builder() .region(region) .build(); analyzeDoc(textractClient, sourceDoc); textractClient.close(); } public static void analyzeDoc(TextractClient textractClient, String sourceDoc) { try { InputStream sourceStream = new FileInputStream(new File(sourceDoc)); SdkBytes sourceBytes = SdkBytes.fromInputStream(sourceStream); // Get the input Document object as bytes Document myDoc = Document.builder() .bytes(sourceBytes) .build(); List<FeatureType> featureTypes = new ArrayList<FeatureType>(); featureTypes.add(FeatureType.FORMS); featureTypes.add(FeatureType.TABLES); AnalyzeDocumentRequest analyzeDocumentRequest = AnalyzeDocumentRequest.builder() .featureTypes(featureTypes) .document(myDoc) .build(); AnalyzeDocumentResponse analyzeDocument = textractClient.analyzeDocument(analyzeDocumentRequest); List<Block> docInfo = analyzeDocument.blocks(); Iterator<Block> blockIterator = docInfo.iterator(); while (blockIterator.hasNext()) { Block block =; System.out.println("The block type is " + block.blockType().toString()); } } catch (TextractException | FileNotFoundException e) { System.err.println(e.getMessage()); System.exit(1); } } }
  • API の詳細については、「 API リファレンスAnalyzeDocument」の「」を参照してください。 AWS SDK for Java 2.x

SDK for Python (Boto3)

には他にもがあります GitHub。AWS コード例リポジトリ で全く同じ例を見つけて、設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

class TextractWrapper: """Encapsulates Textract functions.""" def __init__(self, textract_client, s3_resource, sqs_resource): """ :param textract_client: A Boto3 Textract client. :param s3_resource: A Boto3 Amazon S3 resource. :param sqs_resource: A Boto3 Amazon SQS resource. """ self.textract_client = textract_client self.s3_resource = s3_resource self.sqs_resource = sqs_resource def analyze_file( self, feature_types, *, document_file_name=None, document_bytes=None ): """ Detects text and additional elements, such as forms or tables, in a local image file or from in-memory byte data. The image must be in PNG or JPG format. :param feature_types: The types of additional document features to detect. :param document_file_name: The name of a document image file. :param document_bytes: In-memory byte data of a document image. :return: The response from Amazon Textract, including a list of blocks that describe elements detected in the image. """ if document_file_name is not None: with open(document_file_name, "rb") as document_file: document_bytes = try: response = self.textract_client.analyze_document( Document={"Bytes": document_bytes}, FeatureTypes=feature_types )"Detected %s blocks.", len(response["Blocks"])) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't detect text.") raise else: return response
  • API の詳細については、AnalyzeDocumentAWS 「 SDK for Python (Boto3) API リファレンス」の「」を参照してください。


には他にもがあります GitHub。AWS コード例リポジトリ で全く同じ例を見つけて、設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

"Detects text and additional elements, such as forms or tables," "in a local image file or from in-memory byte data." "The image must be in PNG or JPG format." "Create ABAP objects for feature type." "Add TABLES to return information about the tables." "Add FORMS to return detected form data." "To perform both types of analysis, add TABLES and FORMS to FeatureTypes." DATA(lt_featuretypes) = VALUE /aws1/cl_texfeaturetypes_w=>tt_featuretypes( ( NEW /aws1/cl_texfeaturetypes_w( iv_value = 'FORMS' ) ) ( NEW /aws1/cl_texfeaturetypes_w( iv_value = 'TABLES' ) ) ). "Create an ABAP object for the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) object." DATA(lo_s3object) = NEW /aws1/cl_texs3object( iv_bucket = iv_s3bucket iv_name = iv_s3object ). "Create an ABAP object for the document." DATA(lo_document) = NEW /aws1/cl_texdocument( io_s3object = lo_s3object ). "Analyze document stored in Amazon S3." TRY. oo_result = lo_tex->analyzedocument( "oo_result is returned for testing purposes." io_document = lo_document it_featuretypes = lt_featuretypes ). LOOP AT oo_result->get_blocks( ) INTO DATA(lo_block). IF lo_block->get_text( ) = 'INGREDIENTS: POWDERED SUGAR* (CANE SUGAR,'. MESSAGE 'Found text in the doc: ' && lo_block->get_text( ) TYPE 'I'. ENDIF. ENDLOOP. MESSAGE 'Analyze document completed.' TYPE 'I'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texaccessdeniedex. MESSAGE 'You do not have permission to perform this action.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texbaddocumentex. MESSAGE 'Amazon Textract is not able to read the document.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texdocumenttoolargeex. MESSAGE 'The document is too large.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texhlquotaexceededex. MESSAGE 'Human loop quota exceeded.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texinternalservererr. MESSAGE 'Internal server error.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texinvalidparameterex. MESSAGE 'Request has non-valid parameters.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texinvalids3objectex. MESSAGE 'Amazon S3 object is not valid.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texprovthruputexcdex. MESSAGE 'Provisioned throughput exceeded limit.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texthrottlingex. MESSAGE 'The request processing exceeded the limit.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texunsupporteddocex. MESSAGE 'The document is not supported.' TYPE 'E'. ENDTRY.
  • API の詳細については、AnalyzeDocumentAWS 「 SDK for SAP ABAP API リファレンス」の「」を参照してください。