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API Reference Guide

This SDK API Reference Guide describes how each service can be accessed using the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP. To get started with the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP, visit our Developer Guide.

For examples of various methods, see our Code Examples Library.

How the API Reference Guide is Organized

Each AWS service is exposed as a set of operations which can be accessed via HTTPS using REST-like calls using XML and JSON payloads. The underlying AWS service APIs are documented in the AWS API Reference pages.

The AWS SDK for SAP ABAP hides these protocol details and presents an interface to the ABAP programmer based on ABAP method calls, ABAP exceptions, and ABAP data types. The ABAP objects representing each service are grouped in a separate ABAP package for each service.

Each service's ABAP package includes a factory class to instantiate an ABAP interface for each service.
This API reference features a page for each service describing the ABAP interface, the methods representing API operations, and related data structures.