Amazon Textract とAWS SDK を使用して非同期テキスト検出を開始する - AWSSDK コードサンプル

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Amazon Textract とAWS SDK を使用して非同期テキスト検出を開始する

次のコード例は Amazon Textract を使用してドキュメント内の非同期テキスト検出を開始する方法を示しています。

SDK for Python (Boto3)

他にもありますGitHub。用例一覧を検索し、AWS コード例リポジトリでの設定と実行の方法を確認してください。


class TextractWrapper: """Encapsulates Textract functions.""" def __init__(self, textract_client, s3_resource, sqs_resource): """ :param textract_client: A Boto3 Textract client. :param s3_resource: A Boto3 Amazon S3 resource. :param sqs_resource: A Boto3 Amazon SQS resource. """ self.textract_client = textract_client self.s3_resource = s3_resource self.sqs_resource = sqs_resource def start_detection_job( self, bucket_name, document_file_name, sns_topic_arn, sns_role_arn): """ Starts an asynchronous job to detect text elements in an image stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. Textract publishes a notification to the specified Amazon SNS topic when the job completes. The image must be in PNG, JPG, or PDF format. :param bucket_name: The name of the Amazon S3 bucket that contains the image. :param document_file_name: The name of the document image stored in Amazon S3. :param sns_topic_arn: The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of an Amazon SNS topic where the job completion notification is published. :param sns_role_arn: The ARN of an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that can be assumed by Textract and grants permission to publish to the Amazon SNS topic. :return: The ID of the job. """ try: response = self.textract_client.start_document_text_detection( DocumentLocation={ 'S3Object': {'Bucket': bucket_name, 'Name': document_file_name}}, NotificationChannel={ 'SNSTopicArn': sns_topic_arn, 'RoleArn': sns_role_arn}) job_id = response['JobId'] "Started text detection job %s on %s.", job_id, document_file_name) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't detect text in %s.", document_file_name) raise else: return job_id
  • API の詳細については、「AWSSDK for Python (Boto3) API リファレンス」を参照してくださいStartDocumentTextDetection


これはデベロッパープレビューリリースの SDK に関するドキュメントです。SDK は変更される場合があるため、本稼働環境での使用はお勧めできません。


他にもありますGitHub。用例一覧を検索し、AWS コード例リポジトリでの設定と実行の方法を確認してください。

"Starts the asynchronous detection of text in a document." "Amazon Textract can detect lines of text and the words that make up a line of text." DATA lo_documentlocation TYPE REF TO /aws1/cl_texdocumentlocation. DATA lo_s3object TYPE REF TO /aws1/cl_texs3object. "Create an ABAP object for the Amazon S3 object." CREATE OBJECT lo_s3object EXPORTING iv_bucket = iv_s3bucket iv_name = iv_s3object. "Create an ABAP object for the document." CREATE OBJECT lo_documentlocation EXPORTING io_s3object = lo_s3object. "Start document analysis." TRY. oo_result = lo_tex->startdocumenttextdetection( io_documentlocation = lo_documentlocation ). "oo_result is returned for testing purposes." MESSAGE 'Document analysis started.' TYPE 'I'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texaccessdeniedex . MESSAGE 'You do not have permission to perform this action.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texbaddocumentex . MESSAGE 'Amazon Textract is not able to read the document.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texdocumenttoolargeex . MESSAGE 'The document is too large.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texidempotentprmmis00 . MESSAGE 'Idempotent parameter mismatch exception.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texinternalservererr . MESSAGE 'Internal server error.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texinvalidkmskeyex . MESSAGE 'AWS KMS key isn't valid.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texinvalidparameterex . MESSAGE 'Request has non-valid parameters.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texinvalids3objectex . MESSAGE 'Amazon S3 object isn't valid.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texlimitexceededex . MESSAGE 'An Amazon Textract service limit was exceeded.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texprovthruputexcdex . MESSAGE 'Provisioned throughput exceeded limit.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texthrottlingex . MESSAGE 'The request processing exceeded the limit.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_texunsupporteddocex . MESSAGE 'The document is not supported.' TYPE 'E'. ENDTRY.
  • API の詳細については、「StartDocumentTextDetectionSDK for SAP ABAP API リファレンス」の「AWSSDK for SAP ABAP API リファレンス」の