AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールListTextTranslationJobsで を使用する - AWS SDK コード例

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AWS SDK またはコマンドラインツールListTextTranslationJobsで を使用する

以下のコード例は、ListTextTranslationJobs の使用方法を示しています。


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using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Amazon.Translate; using Amazon.Translate.Model; /// <summary> /// List Amazon Translate translation jobs, along with details about each job. /// </summary> public class ListTranslationJobs { public static async Task Main() { var client = new AmazonTranslateClient(); var filter = new TextTranslationJobFilter { JobStatus = "COMPLETED", }; var request = new ListTextTranslationJobsRequest { MaxResults = 10, Filter = filter, }; await ListJobsAsync(client, request); } /// <summary> /// List Amazon Translate text translation jobs. /// </summary> /// <param name="client">The initialized Amazon Translate client object.</param> /// <param name="request">An Amazon Translate /// ListTextTranslationJobsRequest object detailing which text /// translation jobs are of interest.</param> public static async Task ListJobsAsync( AmazonTranslateClient client, ListTextTranslationJobsRequest request) { ListTextTranslationJobsResponse response; do { response = await client.ListTextTranslationJobsAsync(request); ShowTranslationJobDetails(response.TextTranslationJobPropertiesList); request.NextToken = response.NextToken; } while (response.NextToken is not null); } /// <summary> /// List existing translation job details. /// </summary> /// <param name="properties">A list of Amazon Translate text /// translation jobs.</param> public static void ShowTranslationJobDetails(List<TextTranslationJobProperties> properties) { properties.ForEach(prop => { Console.WriteLine($"{prop.JobId}: {prop.JobName}"); Console.WriteLine($"Status: {prop.JobStatus}"); Console.WriteLine($"Submitted time: {prop.SubmittedTime}"); }); } }
  • API の詳細については、「 API リファレンスListTextTranslationJobs」の「」を参照してください。 AWS SDK for .NET


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"Gets a list of the batch translation jobs that you have submitted." DATA lo_filter TYPE REF TO /aws1/cl_xl8textxlationjobfilt. "Create an ABAP object for filtering using jobname." CREATE OBJECT lo_filter EXPORTING iv_jobname = iv_jobname. TRY. oo_result = lo_xl8->listtexttranslationjobs( "oo_result is returned for testing purposes." EXPORTING io_filter = lo_filter ). MESSAGE 'Jobs retrieved.' TYPE 'I'. CATCH /aws1/cx_xl8internalserverex . MESSAGE 'An internal server error occurred. Retry your request.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_xl8invalidfilterex . MESSAGE 'The filter specified for the operation is not valid. Specify a different filter.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_xl8invalidrequestex . MESSAGE 'The request that you made is not valid.' TYPE 'E'. CATCH /aws1/cx_xl8toomanyrequestsex. MESSAGE 'You have made too many requests within a short period of time.' TYPE 'E'. ENDTRY.
  • API の詳細については、ListTextTranslationJobsAWS 「 SDK for SAP ABAP API リファレンス」の「」を参照してください。