Getting started with an Amazon S3 data source (console) - Amazon Kendra

Getting started with an Amazon S3 data source (console)

You can use the Amazon Kendra console to get started using an Amazon S3 bucket as a data store. When you use the console you specify all of the connection information you need to index the contents of the bucket. For more information, see Amazon S3.

Use the following procedure to create a basic S3 bucket data source using the default configuration. The procedure assumes that you created an index following the steps in step 1 of Getting started with the Amazon Kendra console.

To create an S3 bucket data source using the Amazon Kendra console
  1. Sign into the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Kendra console at

  2. From the list of indexes, choose the index that you want to add the data source to.

  3. Choose Add data sources.

  4. From the list of data source connectors, choose Amazon S3.

  5. On the Define attributes page, give your data source a name and optionally a description. Leave the Tags field blank. Choose Next to continue.

  6. In the Enter the data source location field, enter the name of the S3 bucket that contains your documents. You can enter the name directly, or you can browse for the name by choosing Browse. The bucket must be in the same Region as the index.

  7. In IAM role choose Create a new role and then type a role name. For more information, see IAM roles for Amazon S3 data sources.

  8. In the Set sync run schedule section, choose Run on demand.

  9. Choose Next to continue.

  10. On the Review and create page review the details of your S3 data source. If you want to make changes, choose the Edit button next to the item that you want to change. When you are satisfied with your choices, choose Create to create your S3 data source.

After you choose Create, Amazon Kendra starts creating the data source. It can take several minutes for the data source to be created. When it is finished, the status of the data source changes from Creating to Active.

After creating the data source, you need to sync the Amazon Kendra index with the data source. Choose Sync now to start the sync process. It can take several minutes to several hours to synchronize the data source, depending on the number and size of the documents.