Adding a thesaurus to an index - Amazon Kendra

Adding a thesaurus to an index

The following procedures show how to add a thesaurus file containing synonyms to an index. It can take up to 30 minutes to see the effects of your updated thesaurus file. For more information about the thesaurus file, see Creating a thesaurus file.

To add a thesaurus
  1. In the left navigation pane, under the index where you want to add a list of synonyms, your thesaurus, choose Synonyms.

  2. On the Synonym page, choose Add Thesaurus.

  3. In Define thesaurus, give your thesaurus a name and an optional description.

  4. In Thesaurus settings, provide the Amazon S3 path to your thesaurus file. The file must be smaller than 5 MB.

  5. For IAM Role, select a role or select Create a new role and specify a role name to create a new role. Amazon Kendra uses this role to access the Amazon S3 resource on your behalf. The IAM role has the prefix "AmazonKendra-".

  6. Choose Save to save the configuration and add the thesaurus. Once the thesaurus is ingested, it is active and synonyms are highlighted in results. It can take up to 30 minutes to see the effects of your thesaurus file.


To add a thesarus to an index with the AWS CLI, call create-thesaurus:

aws kendra create-thesaurus \ --index-id index-id \ --name "thesaurus-name" \ --description "thesaurus-description" \ --source-s3-path "Bucket=bucket-name,Key=thesaurus/synonyms.txt" \ --role-arn role-arn

Call list-thesauri to see a list of thesauruses:

aws kendra list-thesauri \ --index-id index-id

To view details for a thesaurus, call describe-thesaurus:

aws kendra describe-thesaurus \ --index-id index-id \ --index-id thesaurus-id

It can take up to 30 minutes to see the effects of your thesaurus file.

import boto3 from botocore.exceptions import ClientError import pprint import time kendra = boto3.client("kendra") print("Create a thesaurus") thesaurus_name = "thesaurus-name" thesaurus_description = "thesaurus-description" thesaurus_role_arn = "role-arn" index_id = "index-id" s3_bucket_name = "bucket-name" s3_key = "thesaurus-file" source_s3_path= { 'Bucket': s3_bucket_name, 'Key': s3_key } try: thesaurus_response = kendra.create_thesaurus( Description = thesaurus_description, Name = thesaurus_name, RoleArn = thesaurus_role_arn, IndexId = index_id, SourceS3Path = source_s3_path ) pprint.pprint(thesaurus_response) thesaurus_id = thesaurus_response["Id"] print("Wait for Kendra to create the thesaurus.") while True: # Get thesaurus description thesaurus_description = kendra.describe_thesaurus( Id = thesaurus_id, IndexId = index_id ) # If status is not CREATING quit status = thesaurus_description["Status"] print("Creating thesaurus. Status: " + status) if status != "CREATING": break time.sleep(60) except ClientError as e: print("%s" % e) print("Program ends.")
package com.amazonaws.kendra; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; public class CreateThesaurusExample { public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException { KendraClient kendra = KendraClient.builder().build(); String thesaurusName = "thesaurus-name"; String thesaurusDescription = "thesaurus-description"; String thesaurusRoleArn = "role-arn"; String s3BucketName = "bucket-name"; String s3Key = "thesaurus-file"; String indexId = "index-id"; System.out.println(String.format("Creating a thesaurus named %s", thesaurusName)); CreateThesaurusRequest createThesaurusRequest = CreateThesaurusRequest .builder() .name(thesaurusName) .indexId(indexId) .description(thesaurusDescription) .roleArn(thesaurusRoleArn) .sourceS3Path(S3Path.builder() .bucket(s3BucketName) .key(s3Key) .build()) .build(); CreateThesaurusResponse createThesaurusResponse = kendra.createThesaurus(createThesaurusRequest); System.out.println(String.format("Thesaurus response %s", createThesaurusResponse)); String thesaurusId =; System.out.println(String.format("Waiting until the thesaurus with ID %s is created.", thesaurusId)); while (true) { DescribeThesaurusRequest describeThesaurusRequest = DescribeThesaurusRequest.builder() .id(thesaurusId) .indexId(indexId) .build(); DescribeThesaurusResponse describeThesaurusResponse = kendra.describeThesaurus(describeThesaurusRequest); ThesaurusStatus status = describeThesaurusResponse.status(); if (status != ThesaurusStatus.CREATING) { break; } TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(60); } System.out.println("Thesaurus creation is complete."); } }