Adding tags and labels to Amazon Keyspaces resources - Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)

Adding tags and labels to Amazon Keyspaces resources

You can label Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) resources using tags. Tags let you categorize your resources in different ways—for example, by purpose, owner, environment, or other criteria. Tags can help you do the following:

  • Quickly identify a resource based on the tags that you assigned to it.

  • See AWS bills broken down by tags.

  • Control access to Amazon Keyspaces resources based on tags. For IAM policy examples using tags, see Authorization based on Amazon Keyspaces tags.

Tagging is supported by AWS services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Keyspaces, and more. Efficient tagging can provide cost insights by enabling you to create reports across services that carry a specific tag.

To get started with tagging, do the following:

Finally, it is good practice to follow optimal tagging strategies. For information, see AWS tagging strategies.