Amazon Kinesis Agent for Microsoft Windows
User Guide

Basic Configuration Structure

The basic structure of the Amazon Kinesis Agent for Microsoft Windows configuration file is a JSON document with the following template:

{ "Sources": [ ], "Sinks": [ ], "Pipes": [ ] }

For more information about the Kinesis Agent for Windows source, pipe, and sink concepts, see Amazon Kinesis Agent for Microsoft Windows Concepts.

The following example is a complete appsettings.json configuration file that configures Kinesis Agent for Windows to stream Windows application log events to Kinesis Data Firehose.

{ "Sources": [ { "LogName": "Application", "Id": "ApplicationLog", "SourceType": "WindowsEventLogSource" } ], "Sinks": [ { "StreamName": "ApplicationLogFirehoseStream", "Region": "us-west-2", "Id": "MyKinesisFirehoseSink", "SinkType": "KinesisFirehose" } ], "Pipes": [ { "Id": "ApplicationLogTotestKinesisFirehoseSink", "SourceRef": "ApplicationLog", "SinkRef": "MyKinesisFirehoseSink" } ] }

For information about each kind of declaration, see the following sections:

Configuration Case Sensitivity

JSON-formatted files are typically case sensitive, and you should assume that all the keys and values in Kinesis Agent for Windows configuration files are also case sensitive. Some keys and values in the appsettings.json configuration file are not case sensitive; for example:

  • The value of the Format key-value pair for sinks. For more information, see Sink Declarations.

  • The value of the SourceType key-value pair for sources, the SinkType key-value pair for sinks, and the Type key-value pair for pipes and plugins.

  • The value of RecordParser key-value pair for the DirectorySource source. For more information, see DirectorySource Configuration.

  • The value of the InitialPosition key-value pair for sources. For more information, see Bookmark Configuration.

  • Prefixes for variable substitutions. For more information, see Configuring Sink Variable Substitutions.