SubscribeToShardEvent - Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Service


After you call SubscribeToShard, Kinesis Data Streams sends events of this type over an HTTP/2 connection to your consumer.



Use this as SequenceNumber in the next call to SubscribeToShard, with StartingPosition set to AT_SEQUENCE_NUMBER or AFTER_SEQUENCE_NUMBER. Use ContinuationSequenceNumber for checkpointing because it captures your shard progress even when no data is written to the shard.

Type: String

Pattern: 0|([1-9]\d{0,128})

Required: Yes


The number of milliseconds the read records are from the tip of the stream, indicating how far behind current time the consumer is. A value of zero indicates that record processing is caught up, and there are no new records to process at this moment.

Type: Long

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0.

Required: Yes


Type: Array of Record objects

Required: Yes


The list of the child shards of the current shard, returned only at the end of the current shard.

Type: Array of ChildShard objects

Required: No

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