Step 3.1: Create an Application - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL Applications Developer Guide

For new projects, we recommend that you use the new Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio over Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL Applications. Managed Service for Apache Flink Studio combines ease of use with advanced analytical capabilities, enabling you to build sophisticated stream processing applications in minutes.

Step 3.1: Create an Application

In this section, you create an Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics application. You configure application input in the next step.

To create a data analytics application
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Managed Service for Apache Flink console at

  2. Choose Create application.

  3. On the Create application page, type an application name, type a description, choose SQL for the application's Runtime setting, and then choose Create application.

                            Screenshot of New application page with application name and

    Doing this creates a Kinesis Data Analytics application with a status of READY. The console shows the application hub where you can configure input and output.


    To create an application, the CreateApplication operation requires only the application name. You can add input and output configuration after you create an application in the console.

    In the next step, you configure input for the application. In the input configuration, you add a streaming data source to the application and discover a schema for an in-application input stream by sampling data on the streaming source.

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Step 3.2: Configure Input