Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
Developer Guide

Step 1: Download and Configure the Java Producer Library Code

In this section of the Java Producer Library procedure, you download the Java example code, import the project into your Java IDE, and configure the library locations.

For prerequisites and other details about this example, see Using the Java Producer Library.

  1. Create a directory, and then clone the example source code from the GitHub repository.

    $ git clone
  2. Open the Java integrated development environment (IDE) that you use (for example, Eclipse or JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA), and import the Apache Maven project that you downloaded:

    • In IntelliJ IDEA: Choose Import. Navigate to the pom.xml file in the root of the downloaded package.

    • In Eclipse: Choose File, Import, Maven, Existing Maven Projects. Then navigate to the kinesis-video-java-demo directory.

    For more information, see the documentation for your IDE.

  3. The Java example code uses the current AWS credentials. To use a different credentials profile, locate the following code in

    final KinesisVideoClient kinesisVideoClient = KinesisVideoJavaClientFactory .createKinesisVideoClient( Regions.US_WEST_2, AuthHelper.getSystemPropertiesCredentialsProvider());

    Change the code to the following:

    final KinesisVideoClient kinesisVideoClient = KinesisVideoJavaClientFactory .createKinesisVideoClient( Regions.US_WEST_2, new ProfileCredentialsProvider("credentials-profile-name"););

    For more information, see ProfileCredentialsProvider in the AWS SDK for Java reference.

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Step 2: Write and Examine the Code

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