AWS SDK를 사용하여 IAM 계정 관리 - AWS Identity and Access Management

AWS SDK를 사용하여 IAM 계정 관리

다음 코드 예시는 다음과 같은 작업을 수행하는 방법을 보여줍니다.

  • 계정 별칭을 가져오고 업데이트합니다.

  • 사용자 및 보안 인증에 대한 보고서를 생성합니다.

  • 계정 사용량 요약을 가져옵니다.

  • 서로의 관계를 포함하여 계정의 모든 사용자, 그룹, 역할 및 정책에 대한 세부 정보를 가져옵니다.

SDK for Python (Boto3)

GitHub에 더 많은 내용이 있습니다. AWS 코드 예제 리포지토리에서 전체 예제를 찾고 설정 및 실행하는 방법을 배워보세요.

IAM 계정 작업을 래핑하는 함수를 생성합니다.

import logging import pprint import sys import time import boto3 from botocore.exceptions import ClientError logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) iam = boto3.resource("iam") def list_aliases(): """ Gets the list of aliases for the current account. An account has at most one alias. :return: The list of aliases for the account. """ try: response = iam.meta.client.list_account_aliases() aliases = response["AccountAliases"] if len(aliases) > 0:"Got aliases for your account: %s.", ",".join(aliases)) else:"Got no aliases for your account.") except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't list aliases for your account.") raise else: return response["AccountAliases"] def create_alias(alias): """ Creates an alias for the current account. The alias can be used in place of the account ID in the sign-in URL. An account can have only one alias. When a new alias is created, it replaces any existing alias. :param alias: The alias to assign to the account. """ try: iam.create_account_alias(AccountAlias=alias)"Created an alias '%s' for your account.", alias) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't create alias '%s' for your account.", alias) raise def delete_alias(alias): """ Removes the alias from the current account. :param alias: The alias to remove. """ try: iam.meta.client.delete_account_alias(AccountAlias=alias)"Removed alias '%s' from your account.", alias) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't remove alias '%s' from your account.", alias) raise def generate_credential_report(): """ Starts generation of a credentials report about the current account. After calling this function to generate the report, call get_credential_report to get the latest report. A new report can be generated a minimum of four hours after the last one was generated. """ try: response = iam.meta.client.generate_credential_report() "Generating credentials report for your account. " "Current state is %s.", response["State"], ) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't generate a credentials report for your account.") raise else: return response def get_credential_report(): """ Gets the most recently generated credentials report about the current account. :return: The credentials report. """ try: response = iam.meta.client.get_credential_report() logger.debug(response["Content"]) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't get credentials report.") raise else: return response["Content"] def get_summary(): """ Gets a summary of account usage. :return: The summary of account usage. """ try: summary = iam.AccountSummary() logger.debug(summary.summary_map) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't get a summary for your account.") raise else: return summary.summary_map def get_authorization_details(response_filter): """ Gets an authorization detail report for the current account. :param response_filter: A list of resource types to include in the report, such as users or roles. When not specified, all resources are included. :return: The authorization detail report. """ try: account_details = iam.meta.client.get_account_authorization_details( Filter=response_filter ) logger.debug(account_details) except ClientError: logger.exception("Couldn't get details for your account.") raise else: return account_details

래퍼 함수를 호출하여 계정 별칭을 변경하고 계정에 대한 보고서를 가져옵니다.

def usage_demo(): """Shows how to use the account functions.""" logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format="%(levelname)s: %(message)s") print("-" * 88) print("Welcome to the AWS Identity and Account Management account demo.") print("-" * 88) print( "Setting an account alias lets you use the alias in your sign-in URL " "instead of your account number." ) old_aliases = list_aliases() if len(old_aliases) > 0: print(f"Your account currently uses '{old_aliases[0]}' as its alias.") else: print("Your account currently has no alias.") for index in range(1, 3): new_alias = f"alias-{index}-{time.time_ns()}" print(f"Setting your account alias to {new_alias}") create_alias(new_alias) current_aliases = list_aliases() print(f"Your account alias is now {current_aliases}.") delete_alias(current_aliases[0]) print(f"Your account now has no alias.") if len(old_aliases) > 0: print(f"Restoring your original alias back to {old_aliases[0]}...") create_alias(old_aliases[0]) print("-" * 88) print("You can get various reports about your account.") print("Let's generate a credentials report...") report_state = None while report_state != "COMPLETE": cred_report_response = generate_credential_report() old_report_state = report_state report_state = cred_report_response["State"] if report_state != old_report_state: print(report_state, sep="") else: print(".", sep="") sys.stdout.flush() time.sleep(1) print() cred_report = get_credential_report() col_count = 3 print(f"Got credentials report. Showing only the first {col_count} columns.") cred_lines = [ line.split(",")[:col_count] for line in cred_report.decode("utf-8").split("\n") ] col_width = max([len(item) for line in cred_lines for item in line]) + 2 for line in cred_report.decode("utf-8").split("\n"): print( "".join(element.ljust(col_width) for element in line.split(",")[:col_count]) ) print("-" * 88) print("Let's get an account summary.") summary = get_summary() print("Here's your summary:") pprint.pprint(summary) print("-" * 88) print("Let's get authorization details!") details = get_authorization_details([]) see_details = input("These are pretty long, do you want to see them (y/n)? ") if see_details.lower() == "y": pprint.pprint(details) print("-" * 88) pw_policy_created = None see_pw_policy = input("Want to see the password policy for the account (y/n)? ") if see_pw_policy.lower() == "y": while True: if print_password_policy(): break else: answer = input( "Do you want to create a default password policy (y/n)? " ) if answer.lower() == "y": pw_policy_created = iam.create_account_password_policy() else: break if pw_policy_created is not None: answer = input("Do you want to delete the password policy (y/n)? ") if answer.lower() == "y": pw_policy_created.delete() print("Password policy deleted.") print("The SAML providers for your account are:") list_saml_providers(10) print("-" * 88) print("Thanks for watching.")

AWS SDK 개발자 가이드 및 코드 예시의 전체 목록은 AWS SDK와 함께 IAM 사용 단원을 참조하세요. 이 주제에는 시작하기에 대한 정보와 이전 SDK 버전에 대한 세부 정보도 포함되어 있습니다.