Setting up email with Amazon SES - Amazon Simple Email Service

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Setting up email with Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service(Amazon SES)로 이메일을 설정하려면 다음 작업을 수행해야 합니다.

  • Before you can access Amazon SES or other AWS services, you need to set up an AWS account. For more information, see Signing up for AWS.

  • Before you send email through Amazon SES, you need to verify that you own the "From" address. If your account is still in the Amazon SES sandbox, you also need to verify your "To" addresses. You can verify email addresses or entire domains. For more information, see Verifying identities in Amazon SES.

다음 작업은 수행하려는 작업에 따라 선택 사항입니다.

  • If you want to access Amazon SES through the Amazon SES API, whether by the Query (HTTPS) interface or indirectly through an AWS SDK, the AWS Command Line Interface or the Windows PowerShell용 AWS 도구, you need to obtain your AWS access keys. For more information, see Getting your AWS access keys.

  • If you want to call the Amazon SES API without handling the low-level details of the Query interface, you can use an AWS SDK. For more information, see AWS SDK 다운로드.

  • If you want to access Amazon SES through its SMTP interface, you need to obtain your SMTP user name and password. Your SMTP credentials are different from your AWS credentials. For more information, see Getting your SMTP credentials for Amazon SES.

  • When you first sign up for Amazon SES, your account is in the Amazon SES sandbox. In the sandbox, you can send emails using the same email-sending methods as any other Amazon SES user, except that you can only send 200 emails per 24-hour period at a maximum rate of one email per second, and you can only send emails to addresses you have verified. To increase your sending quotas and to send email to unverified email addresses, see Amazon SES 샌드박스 환경에서 나가기.

  • If you want your emails to pass Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) authentication based on Sender Policy Framework (SPF), configure your identity to send from a custom MAIL FROM domain as described in Setting up a custom MAIL FROM domain.

Amazon SES에 관련된 다양한 주제에 대한 정보와 토론은 AWS 메시징 및 타게팅 블로그를 참조하십시오. 질문을 찾아보거나 게시하려면 Amazon SES 포럼으로 이동하십시오.