Deploy .NET Lambda functions with container images - AWS Lambda

Deploy .NET Lambda functions with container images

You can deploy your Lambda function code as a container image. AWS provides the following resources to help you build a container image for your .NET function:

  • AWS base images for Lambda

    These base images are preloaded with a language runtime and other components that are required to run the image on Lambda. AWS provides a Dockerfile for each of the base images to help with building your container image.

  • Open-source runtime interface clients

    If you use a community or private enterprise base image, add a runtime interface client to the base image to make it compatible with Lambda.

AWS base images for .NET

AWS provides the following base images for .NET:

Tags Runtime Operating system Dockerfile


.NET 5.0 Amazon Linux 2 Dockerfile for .NET 5.0 on GitHub


.NET Core 3.1 Amazon Linux 2 Dockerfile for .NET 3.1 on GitHub


.NET Core 2.1 Amazon Linux 2018.03 Dockerfile for .NET 2.1 on GitHub

Docker Hub repository: amazon/aws-lambda-dotnet

Amazon ECR repository:

.NET runtime interface clients

Download the .NET runtime interface client from the AWS Lambda for .NET Core repository on GitHub.