Lambda function URLs - AWS Lambda

Lambda function URLs

A function URL is a dedicated HTTP(S) endpoint for your Lambda function. You can create and configure a function URL through the Lambda console or the Lambda API. When you create a function URL, Lambda automatically generates a unique URL endpoint for you. Once you create a function URL, its URL endpoint never changes. Function URL endpoints have the following format:


Function URLs are dual stack-enabled, supporting IPv4 and IPv6. After you configure a function URL for your function, you can invoke your function through its HTTP(S) endpoint via a web browser, curl, Postman, or any HTTP client. Lambda function URLs use resource-based policies for security and access control. Function URLs also support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configuration options.

You can apply function URLs to any function alias, or to the $LATEST unpublished function version. You can't add a function URL to any other function version.