Amazon Lex
Developer Guide

Exercise 4: Publish a Version (AWS CLI)

Now, create a version of the bot that you created in Exercise 1. A version is a snapshot of the bot. After you create a version, you can’t change it. The only version of a bot that you can update is the $LATEST version. For more information about versions, see Versioning and Aliases.

Before you can publish a version of a bot, you must publish the intents that is uses. Likewise, you must publish the slot types that those intents refer to. In general, to publish a version of a bot, you do the following:

  1. Publish a version of a slot type with the CreateSlotTypeVersion operation.

  2. Publish a version of an intent with the CreateIntentVersion operation.

  3. Publish a version of a bot with the CreateBotVersion operation .

To run the commands in this exercise, you need to know the region where the commands will be run. For a list of regions, see Model Building Limits .