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Create Slot Types

Create the slot types, or parameter values, that the OrderPizza intent uses.

To create slot types

  1. In the left menu, choose the plus sign (+) next to Slot types.

  2. In the Add slot type dialog box, add the following:

    • Slot type name – Crusts

    • Description – Available crusts

    • Choose Restrict to Slot values and Synonyms

    • Value – Type thick. Press tab and in the Synonym field type stuffed. Choose the plus sign (+). Type thin and then choose the plus sign (+) again.

    The dialog should look like this:

                            The edit slot type dialog box.
  3. Choose Add slot to intent.

  4. On the Intent page, choose Required. Change the name of the slot from slotOne to crust. Change the prompt to What kind of crust would you like?

  5. Repeat Step 1 through Step 4 using the values in the following table:

    Name Description Values Slot name Prompt
    Sizes Available sizes small, medium, large size What size pizza?
    PizzaKind Available pizzas veg, cheese pizzaKind Do you want a veg or cheese pizza?

Next Step

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